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Designed to make those first exhausting weeks of early parenthood a little bit easier, the Swaddle Me By Your Bed Sleeper is the only bedside bassinet with adjustable incline, ensuring your little one sleeps comfortably through the night. Adjustable height allows you to keep baby right by your side, while still safely occupying his or her own space.

  • Sleep with baby right by your side. Safe alternative to bed sharing.
  • 2Position adjustable incline (11 degrees and 30 degrees) safely elevates baby’s head for easier breathing, better digestion and more comfortable sleep.
  • Adjusts to bed height to bring baby to eye level.
  • Side-to-side rocking allows parents to soothe baby without getting out of bed.
  • Soothing unit includes 2speed vibration, lullabies and nature sounds, and soft glow nightlight.
  • Easily transition to the crib: When it’s time to move to the crib, gradually adjust recline to transition to flat sleep.
  • Legs slide under bed, so baby can sleep right by your side while still occupying a safe space.
  • Great for breastfeeding and C-section moms.
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