Baby Art Nursery Décor My Baby Touch || Birth+ to 36months


About This Item 

Store the beautiful memories of your little ones at one place with our My Baby Touch Nursery Decor. Print the photos & place it along with your baby's hand print.

Key Features

Consists of customized three pre-printed drawings with paint prints of your baby’s hands and/or feet. use a set of stickers included personalizing each drawing

  • All materials are hypoallergenic and natural, which means they are safe for the baby.
  • Very simple and fast! There is no need to wait long, everything is already thought out and included in the set
  • In just 2 minutes you will have a high-quality cast. It remains to wait until dry!
  • It is possible to redo it several times before the material dries, if the print is not clear the first time.
  • The recommended age for a child is from birth to 3 years
  • Product dimension: 2 X 34 X17 CM
  • Product weight: 2.5kg
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