March 27, 2023 2 min read

Babies. Adorable extensions of their parents, they become alarmingly heavier as they grow. And this is an issue weary parents have dealt with for millennia. Solutions have ranged from time-tested baby slings to early designs from the 18th and 19th centuries.  Designs have evolved over time to the many options that are available for parents today. Let's review them by starting with the obvious question.

When can you start using a stroller?

Weary parents may be relieved to know that 'from birth' is the right answer.
Designs today accommodate babies from birth up to the age of four years. The first stroller you should look for is one that is  built for maximum comfort and stability, and one that provides great support for the neck and spine. The stroller should come with a flat recline feature which allows your baby to lie flat comfortably.

Babies start to sit up at around six months which is a great time to enjoy the stroller without the need for extra support. Let them view the larger world by adjusting the seat position to a more upright angle. That said, always keep the baby's weight, height, and developmental stages in mind;  check manufacturer specifications to make sure you have the right stroller as your baby grows. Also remember that strollers today are very easy to open and close, often with just one hand. Ease of operation is very important when you are managing several things at once! This is also a good time to remind you to check all the features listed for the stroller you are considering, including whether they meet rigorous safety standards. 

There is no recommended age for baby to leave the safe confines of a stroller. 

In general, by the age of four, most children can walk and run independently, and may no longer need a stroller. However, some children (and their parents!) may still need a stroller for longer distances. Look for lighter strollers in these instances.

Strollers are a great assist for parents and one of the best brands to consider is Joie. They offer a range of  award-winning gear to suit your needs and budget

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