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Are you expecting? Or, you're planning on becoming a mom? Well, a hearty congratulations! There's no greater joy in life than becoming a parent. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to do to ensure a healthy pregnancy for you as well as your baby.

In this blog, we'll talk about all the things you need to change in your lifestyle before getting pregnant, from quitting smoking to taking supplements. We'll also discuss how to get into a proper routine and schedule so you're prepared for the whirlwind of new responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting with Toys4all!

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to have a healthy pregnancy.

Give Up On Birth Control

Now is the time to ditch your birth control! If you're trying to conceive, you'll want to stop taking any hormones or other medications that could interfere with implantation or early development.

Balance the Weight

One of the most important things to do before getting pregnant is to get your body in balance. This means eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and rest, and taking care of any health concerns you may have.

It's especially important to address any nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. Take the time to get your body in balance before you conceive. It’ll ensure a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications.

Work It Out

You don't need to be a fitness enthusiast to have a healthy pregnancy, but there are some things you should keep in mind. For say, working out can help reduce the chances of developing gestational diabetes and prep your body for labour. Just be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

There are plenty of workouts that are safe for pregnant women. So, find one that you enjoy and stick with it. Swimming, prenatal yoga, and light weightlifting are all good options. And don't forget to stay hydrated!

Caffeine is the Devil

Say goodbye to caffeine while you're trying to conceive. Caffeine isn't just bad for your energy levels, it's also been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage. Try swapping your morning coffee for a decaf version or unsweetened tea instead. You can also drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help keep you hydrated and energized.

Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Now that you have a little one on the way, it's time to start thinking about ways to keep both you and your baby healthy. One of the most important things you can do is adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and avoiding harmful substances.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it in the long run. And remember, you're not alone! There are plenty of resources available to help you get started. So, take some time to read up on prenatal health and start making healthy decisions for you and your child.

Take a Break and Relax

If you want to take care of yourself during your pregnancy, make sure you take some time to relax. It can be hard to find the time or energy to do this, but it's really important. Make sure you take some time for yourself every day, even if it's just for half an hour. This will help keep you calm and relaxed, which is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Clean Up Your Diet

One of the most important things to do before getting pregnant is to clean up your diet. You'll want to start by eliminating processed foods, sugary drinks, and artificial additives. Instead, focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. It's also a good idea to take a prenatal vitamin before conception to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. 

Have a Well Balanced Diet

During pregnancy, your body needs more of certain vitamins and minerals than usual, so it's important to start incorporating them into your diet now. Foods that are high in folate (vitamin B9), such as leafy green vegetables, legumes, and nuts, are essential for a healthy pregnancy. Folate helps to prevent birth defects of the brain and spine. So, it's important to make sure you're getting enough of it. Other important vitamins and minerals for pregnant women include omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, and zinc.

If you're not sure whether you're getting the right amount of nutrients, talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about creating a pregnancy-specific diet plan.

Be High on Protein

You want to make sure you're eating plenty of protein, as it's essential for a healthy pregnancy. Protein provides energy and helps build fetal tissue, so make sure you're getting at least 70 grams per day. Good sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and nuts and seeds. So if you're not already eating a high-protein diet, it's time to start!

Take Supplements

Make sure you take health supplements before getting pregnant. This includes folic acid, iron and zinc. All of these nutrients are essential for a healthy pregnancy. Folic acid is essential for preventing neural tube defects in the developing baby, while iron is important for increasing red blood cell count. Zinc is necessary for fetal growth and development.

If you're not currently taking supplements, it's a good idea to start as soon as you decide you want to get pregnant. This will help ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs for a healthy pregnancy.


Your doctor is going to be your best friend throughout your pregnancy, so be sure to visit them regularly and follow their advice. Make sure to get vaccinated and to eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein. Most importantly, enjoy this time – it goes by quickly!

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