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Even if your little bundle of joy has not arrived, there is a sense of anticipation among parents. It is generally concerned with the knowledge that the tiny tot will spend the majority of his or her time sleeping.

Here comes the most important job. It is to find the best place for a "quiet" and "comfortable" sleep is the most important consideration for parents. Along with choosing the color of their newborn's bedroom and accessories, parents must make one crucial buy before the birth of their child: a baby cot.

We hope that this blog will give you the exact information about which is the best option for your little one.

What is a baby cot?

Babies need a lot of sleep, and they will spend more time sleeping than awake for the first two years of their lives. Because the best and most common place for a baby to sleep is in a cot, you should think about cot safety. Along with the safety standards, the comfort level, the amount of time that parents must give in to their children to get them to sleep, and the advancements in the products as a result of recent technological advancements are some of the factors that determine which cot to choose.

Why is a baby cot important?

Co-sleeping is a common practice in India and is part of the Indian parenting style. As is the case with most things, opinions on children or babies co-sleeping with parents versus babies sleeping in a cot vary from parent to parent. A baby cot has many advantages, particularly for mothers who are responsible for the baby for the majority of the day. The infant cot will not only be used at night, but it will also be a very useful piece of baby furniture for managing your baby during the day.

What are the characteristics of a good baby cot?

The advantages of a baby cot classify into some broad headings :

Peaceful & undisturbed sleep - When your baby sleeps in a baby cot, he or she will be able to sleep. If your baby sleeps in the same bed as you, your or your partner's movements can often disturb the baby's sleep, waking him/her up and waking you up to put the baby back to sleep.

Minimal Chances of Falling - There is very little chance that the tiny tot will fall off. If you are responsible for your baby alone during the day, going to the bathroom can be challenging! If your baby is a few months old and awake, and you need to use the restroom, you will face the dilemma of how to leave the baby alone. Yet, if the baby is in the baby cot, you can be confident that he or she will not fall off and injure himself or herself because all baby cots have a railing for child safety.

Self-sleep training -Babies who sleep with their mothers demand more nighttime feedings. It is because the physical proximity with the mother, her smell, and the disturbances caused by sleeping with adults cause the baby to demand more nighttime feedings. This frequent waking up in the middle of the night is harmful to sleep training. When a baby becomes accustomed to sleeping with his or her parents, the habit is difficult to break or change as they grow older.

Safety Standard

The major concern for all parents is the safety of their little ones and here is where the stats matter more.

Commuter Change- The certification number of ‘EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013’specifies safety requirements for children's cots for domestic use with an internal length greater than 900 mm but not more than 1400 mm.

Commuter Change & Bounce - Having certification number of ‘EN 716-1:2017’, this part of EN 716 specifies safety requirements for children’s cots for domestic use with an internal length greater than 900 mm but not more than 1 400 mm. The requirements apply to a cot that is fully assembled and ready for use.

Commuter Change & Snooze - Certified with ‘EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013’ tospecify safety requirements for children's cots for domestic use with an internal length greater than 900 mm but not more than 1400 mm.

Roomie Glide -Given the certification of EN 1130:2019 & EN 16890:2017, the requirements apply to cribs with a maximum internal length of crib base of 900 mm which is intended to provide sleeping accommodation for infants, until they are able to sit unaided or pull or push themselves up on their hands and knees.

Kubbie -Awarded with certification numberEN716-1/2:2017 BS EN 716-1:2017’ specifies safety requirements for children's cots for domestic use with an internal length greater than 900 mm but not more than 1 400 mm.

Best Places to Find your Ideal Baby Cot

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