March 12, 2022 3 min read

Are you thinking of taking a break from work or planning a vacation with your family? Suddenly, the thought of constantly keeping your child safe throughout the journey hits you. We know that searching for the safest baby car seat for a baby can be a challenging task. But, you need not worry! This blog will help you to know some special pointers to keep in mind while buying a perfect car set for your baby. 

If you have any of the following questions, then read this blog to get the answers.Make sure you stop, drop, and roll through this checklist before hitting the highway.

Which is the best baby car seat for the baby?

The best baby car seat is the one that performed intensively in the accidental crash test. Never go for a baby car seat that has failed a crash test. A successful crash test gives a legitimate assessment of the baby in a real-life scenarioby putting the car seat through a certification process to ensure quality. 

Go for the baby car seats that have the following traits.

  • Soft-touch safety harness
  • Rearward Facing
  • Comfortable Pads
  • Expandable baby car seat
  • Tight latch hook
  • Adjustable harness lever
  • An easy locking chest clip 
  • Washable baby car seat cover
  • Removable cosy pillow
  • Adjustable Recline Position

What features should be considered when buying a baby car seat?

  • Rearward Facing - The baby car seats with rearward-facing minimise the risks of accidental damage keeping the baby safe and secure in an upright position. Rearward facing has a safe angle of more than 150 degrees.
  • Side Impact Protection - The baby's head, neck, and spine form the core part of his body. Enhanced side impact protection keeps these body parts aligned. In case of an accident, the energy-absorbing foam keeps the baby safe by evenly distributing the force of the crash.
  • Grows with the child - The ideal baby car seat should grow along with the child. It must be easily expandable and transformed to fit the baby in his/her growing years.
  • Detachable pillow - The baby car seat must have a removable and comfortable pillow for an enjoyable journey. The pillow acts as an instant shock absorber. Also, the side cushions keep the baby's central position intact.
  • Advanced Pitch Control System - The baby car seat with an inbuilt pitch control system reduces the forward movement in the seat. Thus, it keeps the baby safe in heavy traffic.
  • Safety Harness - The toughness of the safety harness really matters in sudden jerks and brakes. The tougher the harness, the better the safety. 

Which is the most suitable place to buy high-quality premium baby car seats?

The majority of online portals that offer baby car seats do not have high-quality, safety-tested seats. Toys4all is the most trustworthy e-commerce marketplace for obtaining certified baby car seats. Our premium baby car seats have been approved by reputable agencies and organisations. For meeting the diverse needs of customers, we carry a large selection of superior baby car seats.

Joie has the following variety of baby car seats for the baby.

 We hope this integrated baby car seat guide helps you gain confidence and peace of mind while you enjoy safe road trips and vacations with your kids. 

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