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Carrying your baby safe while traveling is the utmost concern for the parent. Car safety is a priority for all parents. But you must be juggling a series of doubts including how to know which is the best car seat for your baby, which brand offers maximum safety, does the brand follows international safety standards.

Do you know that proper usage of the use of acar seat reduces the risk for injury in crashes by 71–82% for children, when compared with seat belt use alone?Calm down, parents! We are here to guide you thoroughly about car safety.

Points to Remember While Choosing a Car Seat

  • Install your baby’s car seat properly
  • Get the properly fitted safety harness
  • Buckle up your baby properly regardless of their age, height, weight
  • Choose the rearward or forward-facing as per the age of your child
  • Use rearward facing from birth till 1+ years of age, that is, infant & toddlers
  • Never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat with weight up to 13 kg
  • Use a forward-facing car seat until the kids reach at least 5 years of age, that is, toddlers & pre-scholars with weight up to 36 kg
  • 12 years is the maximum age limit till when the baby must be seated in the car seat
  • Keep the child properly buckled in the back seat until he/she reaches the age of 12 years for the best possible protection
  • Always check the car seat manual & labels to know the appropriate weight & height limits
  • Failure to properly use a cat seat increases the risk of serious injury or death in a sharp turn, sudden stop or crash

Which brand follows the best safety standards?

The brand that complies with all the international safety standards is Joie. At Joie, we take baby safety seriously, by this, we mean very serious. We know that “safety comes first” for parents. So, we think as a parent and work rigorously towards striving to achieve the goal of ultimate safety. Our extensive testing techniques & strategies make us unique from other brands in the baby gear industry.

Why choose Joie?

With a variety of brands to choose from, it must be really confusing as to which brand is the best for your baby’s safety. Know what makes Joie stand apart from other brands. Know us, trust us & choose us!

Made for Life

We take pride in simply protecting your day-to-day tasks seriously. Surpassing EU safety standards to keep your family happy & peaceful from that first trip home to the first day of school.

No such thing as too safe

At Joie, we're fun-loving, but we're serious about sharing what we've got. Therefore, our core philosophy is to serve your family, our community, and the Earth we all share.

To ensure that your baby gear works perfectly for you every day, we put in a lot of effort. So, we push our products to extreme testing to make sure they're up for any challenge on the road. 

Certified safe

Most of our car seats have passed the toughest independent tests in the crash test industry.

Tested for life

Find out how our really tough products stack up against your really unpredictable life.

How safe do you think your car seat is?

Safety matters to us & so to you. Your child’s safety is the most important thing to us. So, we make sure that all of our baby car seats are super safe! Thus, we perform the following tests to keep your baby safe.

Know how do we protect your kids?

  •   We conduct all the safety tests on the dummy child
  •   Lift & lower the headrests 5,000 times
  •   Buckle & unbuckle till 10,000 cycles on our car seats
  •   Reclines5,000 timesto ensure a safe & smooth naptime
  •   Lock & release the ISOFIX 10,000 times (5 times the requirement!)
  •   Turn the seated dummy as well as the car seat upside down
  •   Tighten the safety harness till the benchmark of 10,000 times
  •   Move the infant car set handle back & forth 13,000 times, which equals 35 rotations a day

We follow a simple 3 step comprehensive approach to perform the safety test. In short, we over test, we overprotect & we obsess. So, that you rest & ride easily.

Know Our Best Baby Car Seats

The following car seat shave has been awarded by renowned international safety standards agencies.

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