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Looking for a high chair that is easy to clean? Where can I find a good foldable chair? What are some of the best high chairs for compact spaces? 

If you’re an expecting mother or recently turned new parents, you might have come across the word ‘baby high chair’. Or, do you find scrolling the web to know the meaning of this word. If yes, then you landed on the right page which will answer all your questions. This blog is all about high chairs, high chairs, and high chairs.

Hopefully, this blog cum buying guide for a baby high chair simplifies your search. 

What is a baby high chair?

The high chair is a comfortable baby gear specially designed for feeding young toddlers. Now, you must be having doubts about why to dedicate a whole range of chairs just for feeding babies. A critical part of feeding success is proper seating, but it is often overlooked. It’s obvious that a baby, sitting in a comfy position is more likely to have food more easily than one with a certain discomfort. Here comes the right sitting position into play.

As they say, “If you get the hips, you get the lips”. It means, when your baby is in an ideal seating position, his mouth and jaw perform better. Cool, right? 

The high chair offers the following advantages among others.

  • Keeps baby’s head upright and steady without tiring
  • Hips, ankles, and knees at a 90-degrees angle (slight anterior posture)
  • Moveable arms for liberal eating and moving
  • Footrest to promote a stable core & sitting dynamics 

What are the characteristics of a good high chair?

The following characteristics can be considered while going for a baby high chair.

  • Tight safety harness - The safety belt, mainly 5 point harness system keeps the baby tugged in and prevents the baby from displacing from his/her position.
  • Follows the rule of 90 degrees - The ideal baby high chair is in conformity with the 90-90-90 rule of the 90 degrees angle at hips, knees, and ankles.
  • Easy to clean - Washable and removable seat allows for a neat and hygienic environment.
  • Removable tray - The removable tray allows for a full range of motion for the baby while eating.
  • Comfy footstool - A footstool keeps the baby’s positioning stable and straight.
  • Adjustable legs - Variable legs allow for an adjustable height as per the table.

Which is the best brand to buy a baby high chair?

The market is overflowing with many brands of high chairs. With plentiful baby high chair products, it can be overwhelming and confusing at the same time as to which is the most suitable brand for your baby. As responsible parents, we want to choose the best from the rest for the baby. Nevertheless, typing your query on google - “best baby high chair” won’t serve the purpose. 

It’s time for the million-dollar answer. ‘Joie’ is the best brand for purchasing the best quality baby high chairs. From the rest of the brands, we choose Joie as the best brand for you. Joie has been honored with many awards and certifications including Reedot award winner (2017), best baby and toddler gear in the consumer choice category, and gold category by Mumii. Joie is a trustworthy, stylish, affordable, safest, devoted, and passionate brand which makes it a class apart from other ordinary brands. 

Apart from the baby high chair, Joie also deals in premiumpushchairs,car seats,travel cots, andsoothers.

What are our favorite high chairs for the baby?

The list of our favorite baby high chairs is as follows.At Joie, we take our role in protecting your day-to-day life seriously, surpassing EU safety standards to keep your family smiling from that first trip home to the first day of school.

  • Joie Mimzy 2in1 High Chair - Converts highchair into a table and chair; 7 customizable heights; 3 recline positions; 3 footrest heights; non-skid full-size tray 
  • Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair- One-hand fold; 3 adjustable heights; 5 point safety harness;freestanding folded position
  • Joie Multiply 6in1 High Chair - Fits in cosy space; wipeable seat pad; convenient storage; soft touch
  • Joie Mimzy Spin 3in1 High Chair -360 degrees, one-hand activated swivel seat; unique open-frame design; folds compactly; stands when folded; non-skid tray
  • Joie Snacker 2in1 High Chair- Lightweight; 3 position seat recline; 3 depth-adjustable trays; ​​freestanding folded position; durable aluminium frame; non-skid foot pads
  • Joie Mimzy -Non-skid full-size tray, low profile frame, oversized meal time tray  

From where to buy an ideal high chair?

The marketplace is flooded with multiple options to choose from. But, as you may have heard, all that glitters isn’t gold. So, we’ll help you to pick the gold, that is, the best baby high chair for your loved ones. Our most recommended online portal for shopping for baby high chairs is Toys4all. 

Toy4all is a well-known and well-established online e-commerce marketplace in the baby care sector that sells innovative and contemporary baby products. We are the go-to marketplace for mothers and their babies. 

Widening the horizons of the typical toys industry, Toys4all caters to a remarkable collection of sophisticated luxurious baby care essentials. A whole amazing line of baby care products awaits you at Toys4all. Toys4all, a leading player in India’s baby and kids market is a child-friendly e-commerce entity.

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