Tecnodidattica Orion Illuminated & Revolving Globe Blue 5M To 4Y


Box Type
  • Suitable from 5 months and above
  • Classic and elegant globe perfect for decoration. The globe is made by high resistant plastic in order to minimize wear of the product
  • 25cm illuminated kids Globe featuring on/off dual map cartography with political world view (off) & night sky view (on)
  • When the Globe is illuminated see 100s of stars and illustrated labelled constellations through the Globe and when not illuminated see up-to-date political borders and geographic points of reference
  • The globe is both revolving and equipped with a graduated meridian to calculate longitude
  • Globes made and designed by Tecnodidattica use advanced technology and high-quality materials, certified for their safety and all made in Italy
  • Product Dimension (cm): 25x25x36
  • Product Weight (grams): 700