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Playzu By Sluban Ww2 Half Track


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About The Item

Built around desert camo theme showing African Corps. Use this armoured personnel carrier that was used when the Panzer forces required mobile infantry. Knockdown your target enemy with a movable 50 calibre machine gun mounted on the top of half-track. Connect the half-track & 105mm K18 artillery gun to hit more enemies.

Key Features
  • This exciting model is World War 2 - SDKFZ 251 Half-track + K18 105mm Cannon, part of the WWII series.
  • It is modelled on the iconic German SDKFZ 251 Half-track and the K18 105mm artillery gun used during the Second World War.
  • Product includes model of:.
  • SD.KFZ Half-Track Vehicle.
  • K18 Cannon.
  • 3 rotatable mini-figures, including a sniper & a driver!.
  • Knockdown your target enemy with realistic guns and infantry.
  • Connect the half-track & 105mm K18 artillery gun for transportation.
  • Number of blocks: 460.
  • Age: 8 Years – 12 Years.
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