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ilearnngrow Saving The Planet board Game


About the Item

An interesting twist to the classic rock paper sciccors. Competitive fun board game making playtime more fun for kids.

How To Play 

Roll number die to see who goes first. Then roll number die and move accordingly (or lose a turn...sorry!). If a player lands on a square with “Rock, Paper, Scissors!”, that player and the opponent on their left will each roll a Rock, Paper, Scissors die. The winner of the roll gets to move two spaces forward. (see winners chart below) If a player lands on a picture of a rock, a piece of paper, or scissors that player must roll a Rock, Paper, Scissors die. If the player beats the picture shown, they get to move forward one space. If they lose, they must move backwards one space. If they get the same picture, they do not move at all. The winner is the first player to reach the finish.


1. It is a very interactive game which will improve the language skills of your child.
2. This game will teach your child to follow the rules and play the game in a fair spirit.
3. This also teaches us to control anger and emotions.
4. The board game is very beneficial to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination of your child.

Contents of Box

1. A wooden Board

2. One customised dice

3. 16 wooden shells 



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