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ilearnngrow - Monuments of India Magnetic board


About the Item

This magnetic India Fort map is a fun way for children to learn the geography of India which includes the state name and fort found in that state. The India map can be put on walls doors, cupboards,s and cubicles. 

How To Play 

With this map, child can learn:-

  • Learns different states in India.
  • Which state is famous for which fort?
  • 18 well known monuments of the world.
  • Develops Vocabulary for Monuments of India.
  • Works as a display frame on the wall too.
  • Develops Vocabulary around India as a country.
  • Perfect tool for learning monuments of India.
  • Experiential Learning
  • Improves Observation Skills
  • Develops Cognitive Skills
Contents of Box

A wall hanging board + 12 plus magnetic cutouts


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