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ilearnngrow Ispy - Counting , sorting and comparing made easy for the child


About the Item

This game consists of various sheets which include different themes like sports , bugs , camping , circus , dinasourous and solar system. This handy worksheet is a fun activity to see if they can spot the different items. It's a perfect way to practise vocabulary, spelling and listening skills, also a good way to improve concentration.

How To Play 

The game consists of different themes where a child has to identify a different object from the themes and the numbers written on it. Later on, the child has to calculate the numbers written on the objects and write them in the circles. The game helps children to develop their visual tracking skills and to enhance their vocabulary skills. It also lets a child compare things and learn calculation.


1. Helps in memory building.               

2. Enhances Visual Discrimination                     

3. Learn Counting                                   

4. Improves focus and concentration Contents of Box

Contents of Box

Contains 6 sheets on sports , bugs , camping , circus , dinasourous and solar system and a marker.


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