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ilearnngrow Food Kit - Know all about Dining Etiquette , International Cuisine And Much More


About the Item

ilearnngrow's food kit covers concepts like dining etiquette , guidance about kitchen appliance , international cusines , Healthy eating pyramid , Cooking verbs , cooking methods , guessing the different kind of foods using riddle concept and a board game based on food imparting knowledge about various aspects of food. 

How To Play 

This Kit is a combination of sheets and board games and a child can treat each sheet as an activity and play with them one by one .


1. The game playfully educates children about different foods, cuisines and table manners around the world.                               

2. Imparting knowledge about kitchen appliances.                       

3. Guessing the food helps in development of problem solving skills                                 

4. Works on language skills of the child by introducing them to cooking verbs. 

Contents of Box

1. Informal and formal dining etiquette sheet. 

2. Healthy eating Pyramid sheet                             

3. Riddle based guess the food sheet                       

4. Matching the activity with verbs sheet         

5. Velcro based sheet on Cooking Methods       

6. Glorious Food Game with a dice.                           

7. Magnetic Board on International Cuisine  


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