Elvis Presley Men's T-shirt | Autograph


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Key Features
  • Let the sprightly Elvis Presley collection by Nolan West boogie you to the legendary era of Rock & Roll.
  • Time for some Presley tune-up with vintage candid image print of The King, Elvis Presley photographed in his initial career days in 1956 in Memphis Tennessee by Lloyd Dinkins.
  • The legendary autograph grazes the print and highlights the legacy of the torchbearer.
  • This round neck tee shirt is designed for comfort and flamboyance.
  • 100% cotton makes it breathable and bio wash makes the fabric soft and lustrous and arrests pilling in the long haul.
  • The Presley print makes it a Presley fan indispensable!
About The Brand
The brand that spells chic, colourful, modish, functional and fun. Synchronically and all in one go!. From a young kid to a young adult, you can bask in Nolan West with great panache. Just a click of your finger away. Just a beat of your heart away. Comfortable styles, contemporary silhouettes, and innovative designs are all power packed in an assemblage of both pristine and peppy tones and prints. Our patterns and colours are inspired by mystical monochromes to vagaries of vivaciousness, fairy-tale romance to timeless legends, comical cartoons to nimble classiness, heart cheering childhood character heroes and sheroes to non-binary bohemian silhouettes, this brand is an echo of joy, love and liberty. An affable amalgam of international and the Indigenous, this brand is our pintsize attempt to fashion a universe of innocent delight and splendour all the way through. A time to create memories to cherish. A genial reminder that beauty and joy are good for the soul! 

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