Discovery Kids Toy Diy Robotic Arm With Hydraulic Stem White 8Y to 14Y


Box Type
  • MAKE THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY FUN with the Discovery Kids Toy DIY Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit!
  • This aweinspiring robot arm brings the hightech excitement to your children while stimulating their minds!
  • HELP BOYS AND GIRLS DEVELOP THEIR MOTOR SKILLS thanks to the robotic arm kit’s do it yourself construction!
  • The detailed instruction manual allows anyone to assemble this engineering set to be built with a little bit of critical thinking and a touch of finesse
  • LIFELIKE MOVEMENT RIGHT AT THE FINGERTIPS: The Discovery Kids Toy Hydraulic Robotic Arm features realistic arm action plus a vertical reach of 16.35 inches to reach small items with its jumbo claw!
  • GET A GRIP: Integrated gripper action within the jumbo claw as well as the built in suction cup allows this intuitive robotic arm to grab items up to 50g!
  • AN EDUCATIONAL STEM TOY FOR ALL: Develop your child’s love for science, engineering, technology, and mechanics with the Discovery Kids Toy DIY Hydraulic Robotic Arm and watch the fun unfold!