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Chicco Breast Pads (30 Pcs)


About The Item

Chicco breast pads are super absorbent, leak proof, removable liners worn between a woman's nipples and her bra. They offer maximum safety and delicacy for the breast skin. Chicco breast pads with anti-bacterial fabric ensure proper breast hygiene along with maximum safety and delicacy for the breast skin. They are super absorbent and leak proof that prevents milk from coming in contact with the skin or clothes thus provide support to lactating mothers. These are dermatologically tested and made of anti-bacterial fabric which prevents proliferation of bacteria thereby helping to prevent irritation & rhagades. These are ultra-thin & breathable, invisible under clothing to provide maximum comfort and support to moms. Studies have shown that the use of cups with antibacterial such as those of Chicco prevents the appearance of irritation, fissures and mastitis, and allows a faster.

Key Features

Chicco breast pads are a solution that keeps the breasts dry, preventing milk from coming into contact with skin. In addition, they act as a protective shield to protect clothing from the stains of milk leakage, preventing wet spots and potential stains.

●    Ultra-Absorbent & Leak Proof for always Dry Skin - Through its ultra-absorbent layer, Chicco breast pads absorb fluids and prevent backflow for total leak protection. 
●    Anti-bacterial fabric - The multi-layered structure with a unique antibacterial formula ensures proper breast hygiene and safety while being gentle on the skin.
●    Breathable and Thin - Naturally contoured shape, invisible under clothing. Has adhesive strips that keeps the breast pads/ cups in shape - ensuring that there is no discomfort to the mother
●    Soft and breathable fabric - It is very soft and comfortable to wear and delicate on the skin.
●    Dermatologically tested- Efficacy study has shown that using Chicco Breast Pads cups with antibacterial fabric prevents the onset of cracks, mastitis, and irritation in 80% of cases and facilitates recovery compared to traditional products.
●    Proven Effectiveness: The product was positively judged by the mothers involved in the test in terms of absorbency, breathability and dry feeling..

Customer Benefits:

●    Breast Hygiene: Chicco breast pads come with an antibacterial fabric that ensures proper breast hygiene and high safety and comfort of breast skin by preventing milk from coming in contact with the skin or clothes, supporting breastfeeding mothers. 
●    Easy to Wear: These are not visible under clothing to provide maximum comfort. Breast Pads offer a flexible fit with equal comfort and delicacy.
●    Keeps you tension free: Since Chicco breast pads help soak the milk leakage and protect your outerwear. So you can go out without having to worry about your clothes getting soiled. Avoids embarrassment.
●    Tenderness is soothed: Nipples become sensitive as a result of breastfeeding. Breast Pads act as a soft barrier between your nipples and your bra, preventing friction. It helps your nipple recuperate between feeding sessions by providing relief.


        • Quantity - 30 pcs
        • New Advanced formula.
        • 0% Phenoxyethanol, Parabens & Tropolone.
        • Goodness of Natural ingredients of vegetarian Origin.
        • Soft, Moisturizing and nourishing formula for bathing baby’s skin every day.
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