Brush Baby Applemint Toothpaste 50Ml Tooth Paste White (Birth+ To 36M)


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An ideal first toothpaste or alternative for little ones who don’t like minty flavors.
Formulated with a gentle Applemint flavor is the ideal way to encourage a reluctant baby or toddler to let you brush their teeth.
Rich in Xylitol which reduces sugar acids that can cause tooth decay and morning breath.
Lower in fluoride (1000 ppm), to help strengthen baby tooth enamel whilst being safer for your little one if swallowed.
SLS-free, Paraben free, Dairy-free, Cruelty-free, Glitterfree, Microbeadfree, and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
The tube has a safety seal and flips top cap. Product packaging material is recyclable.
Suitable from 0 36 months.
You should clean your newborn baby's mouth every day and brush it from the first baby tooth.
Cleaning teeth twice a day helps remove bacteria and keep your baby’s mouth healthy.